We are looking for

Nabu Casa is looking for a web developer to join our Communications team full-time and work on the websites of Home Assistant, ESPHome, Nabu Casa, the Open Home Foundation, and other Open Home projects.

As one of the most active open-source projects in the world, Home Assistant relies on its website to provide information in all its various forms to our global community. With millions of visits per day, this website is an invaluable resource for all of our users. Additionally, Nabu Casa currently maintains websites for other projects in the Home Assistant ecosystem, such as ESPHome.

We’re looking for someone who will take charge of both the technical and content aspects of our websites. You will collaborate with other teams and support them in their day-to-day website-related needs, but you will also lead larger projects around our websites, such as redesigns or campaign-based landing pages. To ensure we follow current best practices, you will keep our websites up to date on the technical and security front and keep streamlining our technology stack.

What you are going to do

  • Ensure the functionality, security, and up-to-dateness of our websites.
  • Optimize the performance, usability, and search engine optimization of our websites.
  • Update content, such as blog posts, documentation, FAQs, etc., in collaboration with other teams.
  • Coordinate and execute web projects, such as website redesigns, campaign landing pages, introducing new features, or adding integrations.
  • Communicate and collaborate with internal and external employees and contractors, such as developers, designers, and copywriters.

What you need to have

  • Several years of professional experience as a web developer, web administrator, or similar positions.
  • Very good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other common web technologies.
  • Knowledge of current SEO best practices and experience implementing them.
  • Experience with Jekyll, Hugo, Docusaurus, Cloudflare, Netlify, and other web tools and platforms.
  • Experience using version control and administration tools such as Git and GitHub.
  • Experience with web project management, web design, and web analysis.
  • Familiarity with web accessibility standards.
  • A high degree of initiative, creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork ability.

It would be great if you also have

  • Personal experience using Home Assistant.
  • Affinity with open-source development.

We would like to receive a cover letter, a link to a portfolio or examples of your work, and, optionally, a link to your GitHub profile with your application.

If you do not perfectly match this profile but are an active member of the Home Assistant community, we'd still love to hear from you!

What we offer you

Nabu Casa is a fully remote company that uses Remote to employ people from all over the world. You will be a normal salaried employee in your country, and no work visa is required.

This is a full-time position for 40 hours per week. Because we are a fully remote company, there is no fixed schedule. For the purpose of team communication, we do try to ensure at least 3 hours of overlap in the workday. You will be part of the Communications team, and your team manager is based in the CET timezone (UTC +02:00).

Core to the establishment of Nabu Casa was the well-being of the people building Home Assistant. We will provide all the benefits required by the country you reside in. However, we also want to make sure all our employees, regardless of country of origin, get at least a minimal set of benefits, including:

  • Five weeks (twenty-five days) of paid time off.
  • Fourteen days of paid sick leave if your country/laws treat them as unpaid.
  • Six weeks of paid and six weeks of unpaid parental leave to be used in the first year after birth. We will provide the missing days if your country/laws do not provide such compensation.
  • A budget to equip your home workspace once you start. After three years, you may keep this equipment for personal use.
  • A monthly smart home budget to ensure you keep up-to-date with the latest that smart homes offer.
  • A 50% contribution to your internet connection fee at your home workspace.
  • If you are currently working on Home Assistant-related side projects, you can spend work time maintaining it.

About us

Nabu Casa is best known as the organization driving the development of Home Assistant, the world's largest free and open-source smart home platform. More than one million households benefit from its home automation capabilities. Powered by a worldwide community of open-source developers, GitHub ranked it the second most active open-source project in the world in 2023.

We were initially founded to ensure that the development of Home Assistant would remain sustainable as it kept growing, but over time it has grown to support more open home initiatives. In 2024, the Open Home Foundation was formed to protect these open-source projects and ensure they thrive into the future. Nabu Casa is a commercial partner of the Foundation, and our principles are aligned with a joint commitment to privacy, choice, and sustainability in the smart home. These are the values that we put at the heart of every decision we make. It’s woven into our architecture, licensing, community, and everything else.

Nabu Casa is profitable, has no external investors, and our only funding comes from people subscribing to Home Assistant Cloud and buying Home Assistant hardware. That means the only stakeholders we have to concern ourselves with are our employees and our users. We now employ more than 30 contributors from all over the world to make sure they have the financial freedom to focus on Home Assistant and other open-source projects that help drive the Open Home vision.

Other Open Home Foundation projects and collaborations supported by Nabu Casa include:

Please submit your application by June 15 to be considered for this exciting opportunity.